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PR Newswire: Distribuição de notícias, targeting, monitoramento e soluções de marketing.

Target Audiences. Measure Success.

Targeting, monitoring and measurement is essential to every successful communications program. Pinpointing your target audiences up front can save time and money as you prepare to launch your campaign. Monitoring and measurement can help you learn what worked – and what didn’t – with your last campaign so you can adjust your strategy. PR Newswire offers accurate targeting, monitoring and measurement tools that help you drive campaign success.

Media Monitoring: newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV
Find out who is writing about you, what kind of impact you're generating, where your competition is doing and the latest developments in the market. Get feedback from their current media efforts to shape their future campaigns.

Países monitorados na América Latina: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. We monitor more than 4,000 media points in Latin America

Characteristics Monitoring in Latin America:
Monitoring - we filter information, classified by weight and pitch, we prepare your custom report, divided into categories according to business need.
Daily reports (schedule according to customer needs) - Preview 3 lines of matter. Link to the full text. Link to image matter in JPG. All this also by e-mail and smartphone.
Extranet platform - Monitoring real-time monitoring. Custom reporting and performance charts.
Graphics - measuring ROI (Return on Investment). Information needed to improve their results.

The monitoring tools provide in-depth actionable
PR Newswire offers a series of monitoring of traditional media and social, and measurement tools that help large and small organizations to analyze the impact of their public relations campaigns. Our products include monitoring and measurement monitoring of print media and online, social media monitoring and monitoring radio and TV.

Measuring instruments that provide quantitative and qualitative analysis
Measurement, analysis and reporting on their communication programs, this is the starting point for their next campaign. PR Newswire provides in depth the extent of visibility of the release and audience engaged through reports of visibility presentations and comparisons between their efforts and competitors. It also shows how its message is reflected in its target audience through MediaSense.

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