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PR Newswire: Distribuição de notícias, targeting, monitoramento e soluções de marketing.

Industry-Leading Reach. Industry-Leading Results

Connect with opinion leaders and influencers when you use PR Newswire to deliver your press release. We deliver your message to the print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, Web sites, content syndicators and search engines that reach your target audiences.

PR Newswire has the broadest reach and the most comprehensive press release reporting in the newswire industry. We also offer numerous value-adds as part of our distribution services, including SEO, social media tagging, complimentary reporting, free trade distribution and posting on the highest-trafficked Web site in the industry.

Whether your campaign is targeted to mainstream media , your story is more relevant to highly targeted readers, or you are trying to get the attention of multicultural audiencesPR Newswire has the relationships and technology to connect you to the right media and the right audiences.

Unique distributions to meet unique public relations goals
Whether you are a large agency reaching out to specific audiences or a small businesses trying to gain media exposure in a competitive landscape, PR Newswire offers unique distributions to help you communicate your message to target audiences. Tap into a collection of small business resources so you can compete for visibility with PR Newswire’s PR Toolkit . Connect with audiences interested in special issues and advocacy with PR Newswire’s news Public Interest distribution. And leverage our Tradeshow Marketing & PR services that help trade show managers publicize shows to would-be exhibitors and the media and help exhibitors launch products and gain visibility before, during and after the show.

Get more visibility, more media pick up and better results
PR Newswire understands the importance of demonstrating the impact of a single press release or an entire campaign. Our distributions offer more visibility than any other newswire.

Target your audiences with fax and e-mail distributions
E-mail marketing is a vital part of the public relations mix today, and fax distributions are still an effective means of distributing messages to the desktops of key audiences. You can launch e-mail and fax messaging campaigns 24/7 with PR Newswire’s broadcast e-mail and fax services.

Distribute your press release in three simple steps
Distributing your press release via PR Newswire is a user-friendly process that ensures an accurate wire distribution according to your scheduling needs, whether immediate or at a specific time of day or night. Here’s how it works: Visit our secure Online Member Center to upload press releases, multimedia, photos and video, choose what media you want to reach, where and how you want to reach them. Every release is reviewed by an editor, who then formats and tags the release for the relevant subject matter and geography. PR Newswire catches an average of 9,000 client-introduced errors in press releases a month, saving you loads of embarrassment.

Rely on security measures to protect your brand
PR Newswire's proprietary security process verifies the source of press releases to protect the integrity of our newswire. That means the news media, analysts, investors and consumers can trust the content we distribute – including your message.

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